Best Interests

How we put you first

At Equitem, we have long maintained that providers such as banks, insurance companies, investment fund managers, industry and retail funds have put products and revenue before your interests. Over the past 12 months we have run 3 seminars at the Perth Zoo to educate people about what’s broken with the current system, and why our mission to provide better outcomes for our clients exists.

As Financial Advisers, we are required, by Law, to act in your best interest at all times, unlike any other profession or product providers such as Super Funds, Insurer's or Banks. We have written about this previously and urge you to also read our response to the Royal Commission into Financial Services this year.

There is a serious disconnect between what product providers are incentivised to do, and what we, as professional advisers, want and have to do. Equitem has created a Financial Services business that addresses and resolves these issues, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that we act in their interests alone.

No Commission

  • Financial Planners should not be compensated via product commissions to remain truly removed from conflicted interests
  • Our clients pay transparent fees for providing strategic advice and/or for managing investments
  • We receive no commission from investment product providers and offer a choice of fees for Insurance advice

Initial Meeting at our cost

Seeking professional advice is about improving your financial position over time. It is important that our clients and our team at Equitem enjoy working together and maintain a strong connection. We ensure you receive value from us and what we do. Therefore, we offer an obligation free meeting at our cost to ensure we have an open and trustful partnership and that we can help you achieve whatever your life's goals are.

Regular Communication

How frequently do you receive information from your Super fund provider? An Annual Statement perhaps? We believe you should be told what is happening with your money, in real time. You should be educated about why we do what we do and we achieve this with weekly, monthly and quarterly communications about your investments.

Professional Membership

Our team are all licensed, highly qualified and technically skilled people, from the advisers to our support team. We are members of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) which means that we meet a strict Code of Ethics, we undertake additional annual education requirements and professional development days to continue to be at the forefront of what we do.

We urge you to have a look at testimonials and our TV series, Your Best Interests.

Manage Risk

  • Investing should not be 'set and forget', we believe we should be able to manage risk and get out the way of impending disasters (like a GFC)
  • Your investment should be tailored to your life stage and risk tolerance, yet fluid enough to take advantage of a growing economy and reduce your exposure during periods of poor performance
  • And remember, no once can outperform or time the market, it's all about risk management!

Asset Ownership

Chances are, if you have a Retail or Industry super fund, you are a unit holder in a much larger fund, which means you don't actually own the underlying investment in your own name, and you can't maximise the benefits of doing so, such as minimising CGT and receiving greater dividends or income payments. Being a unit holder in a pool of members money often means missing out on benefits you would otherwise receive by owning the underlying assets in your own name.

Insurance and Protection

Protecting you and the ones you love! Insurance is critical to ensuring you can navigate the financial pitfalls of life's uncertainty such as accidents, illness and death. Like your Superannuation, this is not a 'set and forget' strategy. It requires regular management and reviews to ensure your protection remains relevant. The world of insurance is complex. Seek professional assistance form us where you have choice in terms of products and fees.

We urge you to contact us if you believe you are not receiving value from your current product providers